About us

Extreme Sports Qatar

EXTREME ADVENTURE is the leading extreme sports and scuba diving center in Qatar. We pride on providing the best products and services to our customers . In our store you will find all your motor cross, scuba diving, spearfishing, Cycling  and water sports needs .


We have just installed a state of the art BAUER compressor that will take care of all your scuba tank filling needs and soon we will add nitrox to the mix and you can spend more time in the bottom of your favorite diving sites.We also provide all levels of PADI scuba-diving certification. We host a vast array of international brands that are represented only by us . companies like FOX Racing(FOX HEAD), UK lights , Aimrite spear guns, JOBE water, SCOTT and ASSOS  and many more . So for all you extreme needs visit extreme adventure; where the excitement begins.